Minutes of all staff meeting in December

Minutes of all staff meeting in December

Meeting time: December 2, 2019. Am7: 50 Venue: playground on the first floor of the factory presided over by: Yin Xiaoping, HR & Admin Department

End time: 8:30 speech: Wang Hongming, Lai Hanyong, Xu Wenfeng, Jiang Zhongyong

Outline of meeting content

1、 Personnel administration department

Work summary in November

1. Safe operation of the company

336 days (solar calendar) without safety accident;

Emphasis: smoking is strictly prohibited in the factory, and violators will be fined 200 yuan / time. A fine of 50 yuan for throwing cigarette butts. A fine of 50-100 yuan for carrying fireworks.

2. Successfully completed and passed the environmental assessment and protection and environmental quality acceptance in November;

3. Is09001.2015 external internal quality audit and rectification are completed, and the external internal quality audit is successfully passed to maintain the validity of the certificate.

3. Workshop engineering transformation of relevant departments of the factory, layout and update of corporate culture bulletin board;

4. The catering and hygiene work of the staff canteen shall be kept in a stable state, the wall villa of the administrator canteen shall be painted, and the dishes and chopsticks of the cupboard shall be cleaned;

5. The implementation of "5S" work and inspection and supervision work have achieved initial results;

6. Maintain the demand of the production and employment department for staff recruitment and entry management.

Work management requirements and plans in December

1. Pay close attention to factory smoking, ensure the safety of company property and staff's life and property, and ensure the implementation of safety responsibility;

2. Continue to carry out "5S" inspection work within the scope of the whole plant, and do a good job of sorting out and rectifying;

3. Supervise the differentiated storage of domestic waste and engineering waste, reduce the company's management cost, and open up resources and reduce expenditure;

4. Basic factory rules and regulations: late for work, early leave, meal in advance for night shift basic management personnel (quality, technician, foreman, QC, etc.), exit release, work clothes, wearing and wearing of brand, staff card playing.

2、 Wang Hongming, manager of mould Department

Work requirements, work responsibilities (work handover responsibilities) and employees' work mentality of the model workshop.

3、 Manager Lai Hanyong, injection molding department

Work requirements, work value, personal benefits and company benefits are explained in terms of employee stability and turnover management

4、 Manager Xu Wenfeng of assembly department

Made a speech on the current work of the assembly department

Jiang Zhongyong, manager of "five five"

In view of the existing problems of "5S" and the subsequent implementation and management of "5S", the work requirements are made.

Meeting end time: 8:30