Notice of Spring Festival holiday in 2020

Notice of Spring Festival holiday in 2020

The annual Spring Festival is coming. In order to make the work plan before the holiday for all departments in advance and let employees arrange the holiday and booking schedule reasonably, the general manager's office has decided that the holiday time for the Spring Festival in 2020 is January 18, 2020

Day to February 2 (from the 24th of the 12th lunar month to the 9th of the first lunar month), a total of 15 days. On February 3 (the 10th day of the first month), I officially went to work.

In addition, in order to thank all employees for their hard work in the past year, the company plans to hold the 2019 full year work summary conference on February 22, 2020, to commend advanced employees, excellent management and excellent teams.

All departments are requested to complete the end of the year and safety precautions according to the above holiday time.

I wish you all a happy Spring Festival!

Notice is hereby given.

Dongguan xiehong plastic products Technology Co., Ltd

Personnel administration department

2019.12. 23.